Extended Job Descriptions

10/10 to Present
Senior Software Engineer
TYBRIN Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacobs Technology Inc.
Lead software designer and developer of the Advanced Range Data System’s Radio Frequency Network (ARFNET). This PC-based
distributed application upgrades capabilities of the existing Edwards Air Force Base & White Sands Missile Range’s (WSMR) ARDS
airborne GPS tracking system and incorporates modernization elements such as distributed reference receivers for corrections
dissemination, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and interface to small-footprint receivers. Developed software interfaces and data
translation algorithms between WSMR range assets such as the Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System – Rapid Prototype
Initiative (CRIIS-RPI)
, Mobile Satellite Radar (MSR) using the Key Length Value (KLV) Common Message Format, ARDS and the Sub-
Meter Accurate Range Tracking System (SMARTS)

11/07 to 10/10
Principal Technologist
GaN Corporation (Geeks and Nerds)
Senior Technologist providing experienced and knowledgeable technical expertise to support the Real Time Casualty Assessment
(RTCA), Geometric Pairing, and Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Integration Management. Supports OTC senior management in the
development and implementation of Geometric Pairing principles supporting Army and cross-services training and testing systems.
Software architect and development lead for the United States Army (USA) Operational Test Command (OTC) Common Data Link (CDL)
software system as well as technical lead for the development of the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Simple Translation
Acquisition and Routing System (STARS)

5/00 to 11/07
Senior Computer Soiftware Analyst.
Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) (Formerly Comarco.)
Senior Engineer responsible for the Design, development and testing of the Common Data Link (CDL) Controller which allows cross-service platforms to pair geometrically using locally developed Target Selection, Weapon Flyout and Weapons Effect algorithms. The CDL application now consists of over 600,000 lines of code and provides all of the required DIS, TENA and HLA translation, Real-time Casualty Assessment (RTCA) and Terrain Database functions to pair Army, Navy and Air Force native instrumentation systems. The CDL package is currently TENA compliant to the JNTC (JRF/RS’05) Joint Object Model (JOM), HLA-compliant to the MATREX FOM 3.0, and supports DIS versions through version 6.0.

2/98 to 5/00
Engineer V
L3 Communications (ILex Systems)
Development Engineer on the team sporting the All Source Analysis System (ASAS) Reconfigurable Workstation (RWS) Y2K port from SunOS to Solaris 2.6. Developed, implemented and maintained automated transfer (communications) software for use between the RWS and other Army Communications systems. Enhanced and expanded the Mapping capability of the RWS. Developed course material and presented a developer seminar on "C and C++ Debugging Techniques".

3/93 to 2/98
Computer Scientist
Engineering lead for the US Army MFDC . This CompactPCI and Microsoft Windows NT-based Data collection system replaces the HSLT and adds a robust stimulation capability. Co-developed the US Army HSLT data collection platform. This device allowed the TEXCOM test community to collect 802.3 LAN data and process USMTF and VMF messages summarized real-time over a telemetry link in direct support of the ATCCS and Task Force XXI exercises. Project Leader for the DAUVS Tactical Appliqué Surrogate and Message Stimulator. This Unix-based system was used extensively throughout the Tactical Internet Demonstration in preparation for Task Force XXI . Designed and delivered The ATCCS NHS. This system is currently used by EPG as a tool in determining the health of the MSE Network for the TCC and as an aid in the setup and maintenance of instrumentation used in monitoring the BFACS. Project Leader for the PC-TIS ULP/LLP) Intel 80960 based ISA UCM rapid prototype.

4/88 to 3/93
Systems Analyst
Comptron Data Inc.
Redesigned and directed software development for the Comptron Inventory Control and Point- of-Sale software system. Key technical support person for over 100 customer sites nation- wide. Designed and directed development of the Intel 310-based AAWS providing the Army's Supply and Services Warehouse with accountability and ordering control for all CONUS operations.

10/87 to 4/88
Applications Analyst Associate
Unisys Corporation (Formerly Sperry Corporation), Technical Services Division (TSD)
Maintained and enhanced the AISC IBM 4361-based APBS system for 25 sites worldwide. Designed and implemented Intel 310-based Army TMDE Resource Tracking and Distribution Control System. Designed, implemented and maintained Microcomputer-based Unisys Project and Personnel Tracking System (Release II).

9/85 to 10/87
Senior Programming Aide
Sperry Corporation, Technical Services Division (TSD)
Developed and documented the Tracking office automation system for Sperry TSD and other TSD locations. This dBase III Plus system integrates contract and personnel information for the purpose of financial projections and office data processing requirements. Modified AMME configurations to allow a wider range of Defense communication responsibilities. Developed and implemented Assembler routines in use within the tracking system and other Sperry microcomputer systems throughout the office. Installed and maintained a store and forward communications link between the Sperry COR at Fort Huachuca and the Sperry TSD office in Sierra Vista. This system was developed for the transfer of work requests and Sperry progress between the two offices. Developed the message encryption software used on this system.

5/85 to 4/88
President and Chief Computer Consultant
Southwest Solutions
Solved hospital communications problems between Sperry microcomputer and CADO minicomputer. In the process of developing a CADO terminal emulator on the Sperry microcomputer. Designing bid specifications for the purchase of a new management information system for the hospital including software and hardware. Designed and implemented a property assets management system as part of a microcomputer-based financial management package. Created an automated medical records database management system for the purpose of statistical analysis and tracking of hospital patient data. Developed microcomputer interfacing software to convert hospital minicomputer-based medical diagnostic data into fixed financial cost data. Designed and marketed Lipid Profile Evaluation Software to be used by Pharmacy Departments nation-wide. This microcomputer-based software evaluates blood data supplied by hospital staff.

1/85 to 4/85
District Computer Specialist
Amphitheater Public Schools
Responsible for software maintenance of the school district's computer systems. The systems included IBM PC's, IBM PC XT's, Commodore business machines, Apple's and the Macintosh, TRS and WANG VS main frame. Diagnosed and corrected district wide software problems including data recovery from damaged diskettes. Assistant analyst of the district's information service (BBS} including system modification in BASIC and machine language. Was instrumental in the development and review of the technical bid specifications for the district's main frame.

1/85 to 2/85
Cross Junior High School
Instructed adult education class "BASIC Programming and the Home Computer".

12/84 to 4/85
Computer Specialist
Amphitheater Junior High School
Responsible for software maintenance on all of the school's computer systems. The systems included 16 IBM PC's, 16 IBM JR's, 1 IBM PC XT (hard disk), 16 Networked Commodore PET's, 1 Commodore 64, 3 Apple 2e's and the Z80 based Hero I Robot. Completely redesigned and implemented the networking software for the Commodore PET's in BASIC and machine language. Installed the IBM PC XT, which involved formatting and partitioning of the hard disk and writing a DOS menu system. The menu was password protected to afford limited access to specific files and functions by the user. Selected and evaluated software for use in the classroom and administrative functions. Developed proficiency in many spreadsheet, database, and word processing packages to meet differing student levels. Designed and implemented grading programs for differing levels of teacher aptitude. Developed and instructed a computer workshop for the students and their parents. Programming techniques were taught and students were assisted in the development and debugging of their projects using BASIC, COMAL, LOGO and Assembly language.

7/84 to 7/84
Computer Consultant
Desert Development Foundation Center for the Studies of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO)
Installed three Commodore 700 series computer systems for the purpose of maintaining records of Center activity, library and weather data. This involved installation of necessary hardware, and implementation and modification of existing database software, Superbase 700. The contract involved programming in BASIC, Superbase 700 and machine language. The computer is comprised of three processors: 6509, Z80 and 8086.

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