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To provide advanced systems design, management and software service support to either government or commercial agencies. Additional objectives include completion of a master's degree in computer science and the acquisition of additional skills both on the job and in the community.

I am primarily interested in expanding my knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of computer programming and systems analysis and design, and all phases of software development and project management. To this objective I strive to:

  • Lead project teams and in organizing, directing and motivating staff to meet project goals and objectives.
  • Analyze problems and devise innovative and effective solutions, including collecting and analyzing complex data, evaluating information and processes, and drawing logical conclusions.

  • Understand the complex hierarchy of government and military organizations.

  • Design and develop complex computer systems and software.

  • Plan, organize and coordinate tasks to effectively meet frequent and/or multiple deadlines, in handling multiple tasks simultaneously, and in managing conflicting priorities and demands.

  • Perform detailed work with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Enhance verbal and written communication of complex technical information to people of varying technical backgrounds.

  • Establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with co-workers, government personnel, and external contacts, and to work effectively in a professional team environment.


Cochise College 20 hours Computer Science
University of Arizona Bachelors Liberal Arts Faculty of Science (Chemistry & Mathematics)
University of California at Santa Cruz 8 hours Biology


DoD Modeling and Simulation Award 2004 DMSO
Outstanding Engineering Award 1995 IEEE/AFCEA
Valedictorian 1979 The Villa High School


Distributed Simulation Technology, Inc. (DiSTI) 2007 1 Week Practical Guide to the High Level Architecture (HLA)
Sun Microsystems 1999 3 Days Multithreaded Applications Programming
Booz-Allen & Hamilton 1998 2 Weeks DII COE Software Engineering
Leading Design 1996 2 Weeks Microsoft Foundation Classes
Computer Sciences Corporation 1995 1 Week Programming in C++
Comptron Data Inc. 1992 2 Weeks SCO Unix V System Administration
Unisys Corporation 1988 1 Week Oracle/SQL
Unisys Corporation 1988 1 Week UNIX Operating System
Sperry Corporation 1985 4 Weeks AMME Programming



TYBRIN Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacobs Technology Inc.,
Sierra Vista, AZ (10/10 - Present)
Senior Software Engineer

GaN Corporation - Geeks and Nerds
Sierra Vista, AZ (11/07 to 10/10)
Principal Technologist,

Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) (Formerly Comarco.),
Sierra Vista, Arizona (5/00 - 11/07)
Senior Computer Software Analyst.

L3 Communications (Ilex Systems),
Sierra Vista, Arizona (2/98 - 5/00)
Engineer V.

Sierra Vista, Arizona (3/93 - 2/98)
Computer Scientist.

Comptron Data Inc.,
Sierra Vista, Arizona (4/88 - 3/93)
Senior Systems Analyst.

Unisys Corporation (Formerly Sperry Corporation)
Sierra Vista, Arizona (10/87 - 4/88)
Applications Analyst Associate.

Sperry Corporation,
Sierra Vista, Arizona (9/85 - 10/87)
Senior Programming Aide.


5/85 to 4/88 Sierra Vista Community Hospital Computer Consultant
1/85 to 4/85 Amphitheater Public Schools District Computer Specialist
1/85 to 2/85 Cross Junior High School Instructor
12/84 to 4/85 Amphitheater Junior High School Computer Specialist
7/84 to 7/84 Desert Development Foundation Computer Consultant


White Papers:

Travel and Test Support:


Atari 400 and 800, Commodore 64, Commodore Pet Series 2001, CompactPCI, Contel Tiger-Link Minicomputer, Convergent Technologies Minicomputer, Cyber 170/730, Cyber 170/825, Cyber 175, Dec Systems Model 10, Hewlett Packard Apollo Series, IBM 4361, Intel 80x86, 80x60 and Pentium-based Microcomputer, Intel 310 Microcomputer, KIM-1, Plexus P/35 Minicomputer, Sperry 1100, Sperry 3760, Sperry 5000/80/90 Minicomputer, Sun SPARC, UNIVAC 9400.


Major Proficiency C, C++, C#, COBOL, GNU, GUI (X & Windows-based), Perl, Unix Shell Script, and 80x86 Assembler.
Minor Proficiency 6502 Assembler, ADA, BASIC, Java, PASCAL, SPSS, UNIVAC 9400 Assembler, and Z80 Assembler.
DBMS Clipper, Contel 'Just Ask', dBase II-IV, IQ, Informix, Lotus 123, Multiplan, Open Access, Oracle, Q-Plan, RediWrite, SQL, Superbase.


HP/UX, IBM OS/3&4, IBM VSE/DOS (CICS), Intel XENIX SYSTEM III, Linux Red Hat, MS-DOS, NOS/VE (CDC), Plexus UNIX SYSTEM V/M/1.7, Real-time Kernel (RTK), SCO Open Server, SCO Open Desktop, SCO UNIX SYSTEM V, SCO XENIX, Solaris, Sun, UNISYS UNIX System V, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows Vista.

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